There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you've made the right decision - like choosing to get rid of your current high interest car loan by purchasing a new car at a low interest rate. Simply complete the form below to start the process.
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*TERMS & CONDITIONS: In order to qualify for a loan from Granite Bay Acceptance Corp (GBA) your credit will have to be the same or better than at the time of the prescreen. You will also be subject to the following minimum credit requirements for final approval. You must be 21 years of age or older with a monthly income of $2,150. Your monthly payment may not exceed 20% of your gross monthly income and 45% of your monthly debt. You will certify that all the information you provide on your application will be true and correct. GBA assumes no responsibility for incorrect information provided by the various credit reporting agencies. A significant equity investment may be required. Any bankruptcy must be discharged before the funding trans­ action can take place. If you meet all the criteria provided above, GBA will provide financing to all qualified consumers and a guaranteed approval for a minimum amount of $5,500 to $39,000 depending on vehicle chosen, at a simple interest rate of 18.99 APR and/or max state usury rate (whichever is higher). For example, for every $1,000 financed @ 18.99% for a period of 60 months, your payment will be $25.94. Therefore if you finance $12,500 @ 60 months, your payment will be $324.19 on a new or pre-owned 2008 or newer vehicle with maximum 60,000 miles and a minimum book/invoice value of $7,500. Interest rates may vary. See dealer for complete details. Minimum contract term of 24 months. See dealer for additional details. All dealer promotions and incentives are strictly the responsibility of the dealer ·and are not in any way connected to the financing offer from GBA.